What I Am Doing Now

Manfred, founder of happinessride.com

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I am currently in my flat on Menorca, Spain. I am enjoying the quiet and happy island life, and do a lot of CrossFit. If the weather permits, I go climbing and ride my motorbike around the island.

Today, I started a project with Growth Tools to significantly grow my health and fitness business 4legsfitness.com. There will be some significant changes that will result in substantial growth.

Together with my partner Serena.House we just started a new green investment product in a tiny house rental network with 9% annual returns. We are currently working on growing this product.

Last week I bought a second-hand Mercedes Sprinter van. I will pick it up end of November and transfer to my partner PortCamper where we will convert it to a fully featured camper van.

I am doing a lot of crypto and alternative investment experiments. I am currently looking into the Anchor protocol and Cake DeFi.

I currently read James Clear's book Atomic Habits.

I just got my fairly large sleeve tattoo finished that covers my whole left arm including my left shoulder and neck. I took almost one year to design and ink this tattoo. It symbolizes nine elements that are essential for my life and happiness.

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Last Update: 15. November 2021

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