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Manfred, founder of happinessride.com

(This is a Now page. You should have one, too.)

I am now back in Barcelona, Spain. Love this place! So unique. I keep doing lots of Crossfit, thai boxing and occasionally climbing on the weekends with the CragRats BCN. I go back and forth to Menorca as I have to fix some things in my flat there.

I finally published my article Tiny Houses: A Philosophy for Sustainable Investing and Living on the Your Green Wealth site. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

The article also includes details about my tiny house collaboration with Serena.House. This is an impact investment product about a tiny house rental network with 9% annual returns.

My Mercedes Sprinter camper van conversion project (together with PortCamper) is now in full swing. Lots of cables (see below). It's gonna be fully autonomous and will have a bunch of other unique features. If everything goes well, I should be able to do my first road trip in April.

It better does because I'd love to personally check out a new impact investment project opportunity: almond farming in Extremadura, Spain.

I work with Growth Tools to grow my health and fitness business 4legsfitness.com. We implemented now a range of new site improvements like the "upside-down homepage" approach and free content upgrades. All of this is to build a solid funnel to provide to people what helps them the most.

This year I also want to start splitboarding. There is this cool company in Innsbruck, Austria called SpurArt, who offer workshops to build your own totally custom board. I wanna do this.

Matches perfectly with the van.

Find more details here or contact me.

Last Update: February 2022

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