How To Maximize Happiness? Start the Ride Here!

How To Maximize Happiness? Start the Ride Here!

Hi, and Welcome To My Maximizing Happiness Ride !

I am Manfred and I chose my purpose to be constantly maximizing happiness for me and the people around me.

In this blog I am publishing articles about all sorts of topics that help me achieve this purpose. The article that you are reading right now is only a short intro and should help you orientate. I published a lot of details about my ride in the article How To Live a Happy Life.

I follow a very simple model that I borrowed from Dilbert creator Scott Adams. Maximizing happiness is about the formula:

Everything I do and write about falls into one of these three buckets:

1. Happiness

2. Health

3. Freedom

Freedom for me means that I am able to do what I want, when I want, and where I want. In other words it's freedom of activity, time, and location. Essential for enjoying this lifestyle, is to achieve financial freedom. I will write a lot about investment strategies including lots of diverse and alternative investment tools. Among others I invested into the sun, crypto (like NFT art and how to promote NFTs), organic almond farming, contemporary art, wine, motorbikes, projects around tiny houses, and other Angel investments. Motorcyclescamper vans, van rental and the vanlife concept are in line with this idea.

As one essential element in my ride, I am also founder of the fitness startup This business uses an underlying health and fitness model that I originally created for myself but now also offer to interested clients. The model combines the key dimensions for superior fitness -- strength, endurance, nutrition, and recovery -- into an easy to follow program. This falls into the health bucket. You can read about more background here and how I automated everything. Here is a good summary of my main principles.

Finally, there will always be aspects that make me (or anyone) happy that may not fall into the freedom or health bucket. They are just topics or concepts that... well... make me happy (like working with wood, pondering about philosophy and values, alpinism, grooming my beard, or getting a tattoo) and hence go into the happiness bucket.

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